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Assistance as you examine, determine and work toward your goals.

Adelphi undergraduates have many sources for academic advice: faculty advisers, academic advisers in the offices of the deans of their School, and the Office of Academic Services and Retention. Faculty advisers from the individual academic units assist students who have declared their major with course selection and are charged with approval of registration decisions. Graduate students are advised within their departments. 

Students who have not declared a major are assigned a freshman adviser on entering the University as freshmen. They advise the undeclared students in their course selection and registration until they declare a major.

Students who wish to change majors or who have questions about the planning or progress of their degrees that cannot be answered by their major adviser can seek the advice and assistance of academic advisers in the Office of the Dean of their academic unit or the Office of Academic Services and Retention. Students who have not declared a major are included within the Arts and Sciences and go to that office for help if needed. Similarly, students with problems relating to the conduct of courses (lectures, laboratories, evaluations, work load, grades, etc.) that cannot be resolved with the instructors concerned can also seek the advice and assistance of the academic adviser in the office of their dean. Students may also seek assistance in the Office of Academic Services and Retention at any time.

Academic advising at Adelphi both challenges and supports students as they examine, determine, and work toward their educational and career goals. Each full-time member of the faculty holds a minimum of six office hours per week to serve the interests of students and to provide full and accurate academic advice. All undergraduates are required to consult with their advisers about their academic progress and to seek their approval for their academic plans. In addition, there is the Office of Pre-Professional Advising and Fellowships to counsel students who are interested in pursuing law, medicine, engineering, etc.

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