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Tutoring and Counseling

Individualized attention through intensive tutoring and counseling.

Given their intellectual potential for college-level work, General Studies Learning Community students often gain by strengthening their basic academic skills: critical reading and writing; problem solving; studying; taking tests. To aid them in developing these abilities, faculty tutors work diligently with General Studies Learning Community students. On entry to the program, all General Studies Learning Community students are assigned for tutoring.

Recognizing that the psychological and emotional lives of young men and women play an important role in determining academic success, General Studies Learning Community mandates participation in counseling sessions, conducted by full-time academic counselors who can help students make the adjustments that college life demands.


For further information, please contact:

General Studies Learning Community
Post Annex, Room 400
p - 516.877.3440

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Our faculty, tutors and counselors are experts in a variety of fields and are here to help you.
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