General Studies Learning Community

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Life After the General Studies Learning Community

We know you have goals, and we’re here to help you reach them.

Whether you’re thinking about a path for your undergraduate degree or planning for graduate education, we show how to fulfill your academic and career goals.

Opportunities for Undergraduates

By providing academic support and advisement, the General Studies Learning Community gives students an opportunity to get the benefits of higher education and achieve their professional and personal goals. Approximately two-thirds to three-fourths of our students go on to earn degrees in the following:

Student Research

Students in the General Studies Learning Community produce many outstanding research papers. Among recent titles are:

  • “What Makes a Best-Seller”
  • “An Investigation into the Benefits of Holistic Medicine”
  • “New Approaches to Drug Rehabilitation”
  • “The Portrayal of Women in Contemporary Films”

Opportunities for Graduates of the Program

Graduates of the General Studies Learning Community pursue a wide range of professions in law, management, finance, medicine, media and education and have gone on to attend some of the nation’s most prestigious graduate schools including:


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